How to Plan Your Nursery Decor Around YOUR CHILD Bedding

You have searched high and low for the perfect baby bedding for your soon-to-arrive baby. However, you have not put too much thought into how you plan to design and decorate the rest of the baby nursery. Whether it's about baby bedding for you, you can certainly plan your room across the bedding you have chosen. Read on to learn a few tips for planning your nursery decor around your baby bedding set.

Accent Colors

Analyze your baby's bedding and grab at least 2 colors you intend to utilize as nursery accentuate colors. For instance, if your child bedding is a rustic plaid print, you may detect a deep hunter green shade and some specks of gray in the sheet place. You can choose to keep wall space neutral and paint them beige, khaki, or cream; and garnish all of those other nursery in the green and grey tones by offering them in curtains, blinds, racks, a glider, accent pillows, a changing desk pad cover, or plush throw rug.

Color Blocking

If you choose sound toned bedding, consider using color blocking to accent and decorate the rest of the baby nursery. Color blocking occurs when contrasting but complementary colors come together. Some unexpected color combinations that work together when color blocked are tangerine orange and navy blue, aqua blue and yellow, cherry red and fuchsia, navy blue and red, mint green and melon, or even lilac and sherbet orange. These color combinations can be cohesively worked well into the walls and bedding, or even added as pops of color on the toy or reserve shelf, carpet and curtain mixture, or in a wallpaper printing.


Once you select your desire baby bedding, look closely at its shade. If it has a warm tone (red, yellowish, orange, yellow metal); consider choosing a brown crib, changing table, and dresser. If it has an awesome tone (blue, purple, green); consider choosing black furniture. If your bedding is more on the pastel side or a vintage neutral shade like ivory, beige, rock gray, or even white; you might desire to choose ultra-light furniture painted white or ivory shades.

Theme Motivation

Let your ideal baby bedding inspire you. Is there something on the bedding that screams "theme?" If so, go with your gut! White eyelet bedding is perfect for a vintage theme nursery, while seersucker bedding will work with a nautical theme.

Many mothers to be choose their baby bedding first and decorate the infant nursery around it. Follow the four tips above to make preparing the nursery a fun and easy job!

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